Let negativity bounce off you without absorbing it. No matter how hard you're hit, recover your value and strength.

A 3D printed wax model is used in the traditional lost-wax casting process to produce the final polished ring. This item is not mass produced; each piece is unique and will differ slightly in texture and color.

Ring - Ricoshae

Ring Size
  • An original design made of sterling silver.


    Ring Sizes:
    US 4  - 46.8mm Circumference
    US 5  - 49.3mm Circumference
    US 6  - 51.8mm Circumference
    US 7  - 54.5mm Circumference
    US 8  - 57.2mm Circumference
    US 9  - 59.4mm Circumference


    Please contact us for special size or other material requests.

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